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J is an absolute god send I can't recommend her enough, her assistant Mouna is also really lovely and takes really good care of the children alongside J. You can see that J really loves working with children, she is passionate and enthusiastic about their learning and always strives for them to achieve their best. She is like a second mother to all the kids and you can see just how much they all adore her! She is one of a kind in terms of the service that she delivers, she never scrimps or uses low quality materials/food/toys. She sends them home pretty much everyday with a piece of artwork or arts and crafts that they have done, Thursdays are bake days so they always come home with something lovely to eat on a Thursday :D Her home is spotless (i don't know how she does it!) alongside keeping the kids going from morning to the time they are picked up.

My child loves her so much that if I ask should we go and see Aunty J or Aunty Mouna on a Saturday it is straight downstairs and shoes on waiting by the door to go and see her. Also her home and garden are to die for they are massive, she has a lovely dedicated playroom which has lovely rugs and lots of lovely toys. She even uses essential oils in her sleep room so that the children can have a lovely peaceful sleeping space. Her garden I have never seen anything like it, its massive (she has even dug her trampoline into the ground so the kids don't hurt themselves) she has a pirate ship, climbing frames, mud kitchen and playhouse plus all the bikes and I am sure she has lots more in there as she is always updating stuff for the kids and my review is just going to become too long. Also she does growing your own veg with the kids. In short she is absolutely amazing, i told my husband that we can never lose her as in short there is no one else like her!

Mrs Khatoon - April 2020 - taken from her review 

Being honest and reliable is not common today, which is why she is so special. My children never want to leave but why would you, with all the toys, outdoor activities and bits and bobs that she does with the children.


There is always a new adventure that they will tell me about on the way home. What more could you ask for?

I wish you all the best, I know that you will make a really big difference to the children that you work with. You make learning fun and if learning is fun children will learn.

Maryam Atif - December 2017 - direct review

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