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Getting messy ...canvas art at it's best

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Who doesn't love paint, glitter, sharpies and a canvas? This canvas art activity is a great opportunity to let your hair down and get messy!


  • 1 small primed white square canvas

  • Paintbrushes and sponges and rollers

  • Different coloured ready mixed paints

  • Glitter paint - Silver/Gold etc...

  • Black sharpie Pen


  1. Lay out your canvas on a surface suitable for painting, squeeze some different coloured paints onto a disposable paper plate or if available use plastic paint pots [brownie points for recycling an old yoghurt pot - preferably cleaned first :) ]

  2. Be led by your little one, they can use their hands or the paintbrushes to apply paint to the canvas

  3. Once your canvas is covered leave it to dry for at least 2 hours and if possible overnight

  4. Dollop a good amount of glitter paint on your canvas and assist your child if required to make a shape out of the glitter paint (for younger children it could be a primary shape, their hand print or foot print & for older children they could write their name)

  5. Let your glitter paint dry at least overnight so glitter doesn't end up everywhere

  6. If you would like to, you can use a sharpie pen to define the shapes and words that you have drawn/written/printed with the glitter paint

Links to learning - EYFS

  • Communication and language – listening and following instructions, using and increasing existing vocabulary, focusing their attention, discuss the meaning of marks that they have made

  • Physical development – developing fine and gross motor skills, hand eye coordination skills

  • Personal, social and emotional development - providing an opportunity to explore, develop confidence and autonomy, gain a sense of belonging if painting themselves or their body parts

  • Literacy – using brushes, sponges and painting tools to making lines and or circles which are the starting point of drawing letter like shapes or even drawing letters accurately or writing their own name

  • Maths – exploring; shape, size and quantity, using number forms within their art, painting a specific amount of objects and perhaps counting them and positioning them,

  • Understanding the world - exploring different materials and textures such as the canvas, their brushes, sponges and paints, observing changes, learning that different painting techniques and tools will have different end results & understanding cause and effect

  • Expressive arts & design – exploring the effect of mixing different colours, experimenting with colours and marks, exploring canvas as a material and texture form alongside painting tools that have been used


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