River Sea Childcare

07802 583 501

Christchurch Gardens, Reading RG2 7AH


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of children you can take care of at once?

As a childminder I only look after a small number of children (1 adult to 3 children – aged 5 and under) and as such plan activities and resources in line with their interests.

What are your opening hours and how many weeks are you open for annually?

River Sea Childcare is open from 7:30am – 6:30pm Monday to Friday. We are open for 49-50 weeks per year. We will be closed on all public and bank holidays.

Are you able to provide Halal / vegetarian meals? Do you use Organic produce?

Yes all meat used at River Sea Childcare is Halal. I cater for a variety of dietary needs including vegetarian only meals. I provide nutritious, healthy snacks and home cooked meals and use Organic/Fairtrade produce whenever possible.

What are your policies and procedures?

The following policies and procedures are in place as part of my commitment to the care and development of children under my care and supervision. Hard copies of all my policies are available to see at any time upon request.

- Accident & emergency procedure - Administering medicine policy - Admission and fees policy - Behaviour management policy - Complaints procedure - Confidentiality policy - Food and drink procedure - Health and safety policy - Illness/Infectious disease and exclusion procedure - Inclusion policy  - Lost/missing child policy - No smoking, alcohol or other drugs policy - Outings policy - Risk assessment policy - Safeguarding children policy  - Uncollected child - Working with parents