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Activities & Outings

Indoor activities and play opportunities

I have a plethora of toys and activities for children to play with when indoors. Sometimes we will take our toys outside into the garden in order to play and enjoy our toys in a different environment.

I aim to make sure all the toys are accessible to all ages and actively encourage children to choose the resources they want and play with them where they feel most happy. The below list is by no means a complete picture of the things as I am forever purchasing new resources and alternating resources in and out. If there are any particular activities your child loves doing please let me know and I can be sure to include it for them.

  • Lego / Megabloks / Wooden blocks

  • Train set including small world figures

  • Fancy dress / Role play

  • Messy play and sensory play

  • Treasure basket targeted to young children / Playmat / Pull alongs

  • Soft and stuffed toys / Dolls

  • Toy Kitchen / Play food

  • Baking / Arts and crafts

  • Drums / Balls / Garage / Toy cars

  • Toy animals / Toy Dinosaurs

  • Jigsaws / Board Games

Outdoor activities and play

Children love being outside and enjoy the freedom to run around until their heart’s content. Getting outside is an important part of children’s development. Gaining confidence and awareness of their surroundings, and interacting with their environment. I ensure that lots of time is spent outside (weather permitting!) in our fully enclosed garden in addition to the trips we go on. 

As a childminder I aim to create an outdoor environment that allows for lots of child-led and imaginative play rather than create an overstimulating environment. Even in the rain and snow a range of learning opportunities and experiences are opened up so please provide adequate clothing for children so we never miss out. Some of the things we will get up to our listed below but we also like to take a lot of our indoor activities outside as well and we never miss an opportunity for a teddy bears picnic lunch in the garden

  • Water painting / Puddle art

  • Sandpit / Water table / Playhouse

  • Picnics / Singing and action songs

  • Bikes / Cars & ride on toys

  • Tunnel / tents / Slides

  • Balls / Sports day activities

  • Building bug hotels / Mud kitchen

  • Making dens / Cloud watching

  • and lots of running, jumping and climbing


Going on outings, visits and trips are one of the great things about being a childminder and being cared for by a childminder. Children are able to broaden their horizons and gain a deeper understanding of their environment. All children in my care are able to develop and deepen their self-awareness and confidence through their exploration of my setting and other environments that we frequent.

I will regularly take the children out to the below places:

  • Library / Playgroups 

  • Parks / Forests / Woods

  • Soft play centres

  • Visiting other childminders or having childminders over to our setting*

  • Walks / Nature Treks

  • Dinton Pastures / Wellington Country Park

  • The Lookout Discovery Centre

  • The Living Rainforest 

  • Local farms & MERL

  • Mad Hatters Pottery Café

*We do try to visit another childminder or have a childminder over every now and then which gives children the chance to mix with other children of the same age or different ages. It is also a great opportunity to have a fellow childcare professional observe and assess the children in my care and can provide an invaluable opportunity for reflection on my practice.